Taco Birb

Taco Birb is a WIP VR game made by me, Binh Vu, Chung-Hsien Huang, and Benny White. You move by leaning left or right, and flapping your arms to go up while gravity brings you down. The aim is to collect tacos by running your face into them. Tacos are spawned in levels that have obstacles that you have to avoid. At the end of the level, you can see how many tacos you've collected, how many obstacles you hit, and your total score (tacos - obstacles hit = score).

We currently have a build without the VR integration. We have a separate build with VR flapping included, but the controls don't quite work yet.

I am in charge of all visual design, both 2D and 3D. My personal goal was to learn more about the 3D pipeline.


3D Models

2D Assets