Wonderscope is an iOS app for kids that uses Augmented Reality to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories.

Kids see stories come to life in their own homes. They read out loud or interact with the environment around them in order to progress the story.

A 3D capture of a laptop that rotates around. Inside the screen, you can see a candle, but when it rotates around you see that the candle is not there. It's a visual experiment for an interaction in an untitled game I'm working on.

I heavily participated in work surrounding experience design and visual design, taking charge of the 2D menu systems and participating in design workshops to determine the best onboarding experiences for our AR components. I am currently in charge of all UX and visual design for new features that will be launched on Wonderscope in the future.

- PR images - Key interactions - Onboarding sequence and AR set up - Responses - Error states - Explanation Images and infographics - New features - New carousel